Getting Started

Each step is also shown in the figure below

1. Load settings for example input

Simply click 'Load settings for example input' button.

2. Load example input

Click 'Load example input' button.

3. Submit

Click 'Submit' button at the bottom and come back in a few minutes.

4. Examine results

You should be redirected to result page automatically once the plot is done. Go to the Help page to figure out the meaning of the plot

Upload custom BED file

Create BED file

An example can be found here. The format of BED is described on UCSC. The first 5 columns must be chromosome, start, end, name and score, respectively. The content of 'name' column does not matter. The 'score' must be numeric as Enlight relies on it to draw signals. If you download your BED file from UCSC, please remove the first column (BIN column).

Upload and run

Upload your BED file under 'Generic plot' section and submit it.

Plot multiple regions with a HitSpec file

An example can be found here. The format of HitSpec is described on LocusZoom website. The first 6 columns are feature, chromosome, start, end, flanking region and whether to plot, respectively. The 7th column and beyond are omitted by Enlight because customization of plots are not yet available. Chromosome names must be numerical. Names like 1,6 are okay, but chr1 or chr6 are not accepted. After you created the hitspec file, just upload it in the "specify a region" section and plot your input file.